The most violent and dangerous typhoon devastates the Philippines

Last Saturday, the super Typhoon “Mangkhut” (also known as ‘Ompong’) reached the northeastern coast of the Philippine island of Luzon with winds that reached 255km/h

Mangkhut proved to be the most catastrophic typhoon of the year.

An employee of the Japan Meteorological Agency, Hiroshi Ishihara, told AFP on Friday that it is the most ‘violent’ typhoon of the year. Meanwhile, Mangkhut is still active and is forecast to move further into Chinese territory before it fades completely.

The storm caused the deaths of at least 65 people and caused serious damage to infrastructure: communication lines were cut, electricity supply was interrupted, the roofs of several buildings were uprooted, trees fell and landslides occurred that damaged several roads.

Resultado de imagen para El tifón más violento del año: todo lo que se sabe de Mangkhut (VIDEOS, FOTO

As reported on Sunday by the National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (NDRRMC), 270.388 people in 30 provinces were affected by the super typhoon and 137.994 people were accommodated in 1.250 evacuation centers. Approximately four million people were then on the road to destruction, reports AFP.

Mangkhut is the fifteenth tropical cyclone to hit the Philippines in 2018, said Rappler. The country receives an average of 20 tropical cyclones per year and, for now, Mangkhut proved to be the most catastrophic of the year.

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