Green fireball lights up America’s skies and then breaks into pieces (VIDEO)

In videos that went viral through Twitter, you can see what appears to be a meteorite crossing the sky and then disappearing into the darkness.

Photo of the fireball crossing the American sky (taken from a video)

Last Wednesday, a greenish fireball crossed the sky in the early hours of the morning over Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico in the USA.

This information was provided by the American Meteor Society, a scientific organization, but the evidence was spread on social platforms.

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According to the RT portal, the organization’s website claims to have received 68 reports of the phenomenon.

In the videos captured by some witnesses, you can see how a greenish fireball enters the planet’s atmosphere and soon after disappears.

Then, “it broke into more than three pieces and flashed several times before falling behind the hills.”

According to NASA information, the fireballs are quite bright. When they enter the atmosphere, due to velocity and friction, they overheat, causing them to break into pieces before impacting.

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