Hindu Radicals Brutally Murdered Indian Woman For Converting To Christianity

A group of Hindu radicals murdered with no compassion a woman in India for converting to Christianity.

Hindu Radicals Brutally Murdered Indian Woman For Converting To Christianity.

The killing of this woman marks the fifth religiously motivated killing of a Christian in the Indian nation in less than two months.

On July 19, the radicals killed the victim, Suman Munda, 25, in Redhadi, a village in Khunti district.

According to information from UCA News, police arrested four young men for suppousdely having a connection with this terrible act.

Munda converted to Christianity six years ago; and when radicals knew about her new faith started harassing her, a local pastor said to International Christian Concern.

Munda’s relatives found her body in a place near her house.

“I suspect that it is the handiwork of a Hindu fanatic group. Christians here have been facing a serious threat from it. The fanatic group is asking us to go back to Hinduism. We are scared and our people are shattered,” Bishop Binay Kandulna of Khunti told UCA News.

This is getting common

Another young man died Ramji Munda, 27. in the same condition, persecution because of his faith. People from the village believe that an anti-Pathalgadi group that safeguards tribal people’s rights killed the Christian man in the same district.

“It is a matter of serious concern because the state witnessed a Christian man killed only last month in the same district. The administration as well as leaders should take note of it and take appropriate steps,” Kandulna said.

Source: Believers Portal/The Christian Post

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