CHINA: Dozens of Christian homes destroyed after church

Chinese authorities are stepping up their attacks on the country’s Christian population by destroying several houses of believers after destroying their church last month.

Image of the destroyed site (Photo: International Christian Concern)

Fujian, a Chinese province where the attack took place, where the Chinese authorities demolished a dozen houses belonging to the residential complex where a Christian church was located, which they partially destroyed.

The authorities, who were composed of Chinese officials and guards, broke into the building and abruptly entered the houses to evict the owners and then destroyed them.

According to Christian Concern, the actions were taken last Wednesday with a large group of violent officials.

The moment was broadcast live on the account of a Christian preacher of the Xunsiding Church, Yang Xibo, who showed in his social network account the abuses by the authorities towards the people.

The attack corresponds to an urban management law that was established in June, where Christian churches and houses that may have some kind of relationship with religious construction are ordered to be demolished.

To break into the homes of believers, they did not show any kind of authorization and violated the physical security of an elderly person; the fact was captured on video.

“Other Christians on the scene attempting to intervene were blocked on the stairs and prevented from moving forward. When officials questioned why they illegally entered private property and demolished people’s homes, they had no answer,” said a Christian NGO in the country according to Bitter Winter.

“For the Chinese government to search frantically for Christians, even after their churches have been closed, shows how Beijing has no interest in respecting religious freedom,” added Gina Goh of CPI, a Christian NGO.

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“What the Chinese Communist Party does not understand is that Christianity will not be exterminated just because the buildings are unsustainable. The more the government erodes the rights of Chinese citizens, the more enemies it creates in its territories. One day, this pressure cooker will explode, threatening the Chinese Communist Party regime, whose end is in sight,” he continued.

This is the worst year of religious persecution for China, which ranks among the worst countries in the world for Christian faith according to Open Doors USA.

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