Transgender “Pastor” says that Jesus was the first “Trans” in the history of humanity


The pastor of the Metroplitan Comunity Church, Alexya Salvador, is the first transgender pastor in Latin America. In an interview with the vice-president, he declared that “Jesus Christ was the first transgender man”

Transgender “Pastor” says that Jesus was the first “Trans” in the history of humanity

Alexya explained “we learn from Genesis that the Holy Trinity exists: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God, therefore, sent his Son for the earth. Jesus, the Son, had the divine gender, right? Then, when he descended to earth, he came to have the human race”.

And he concludes, “So if Jesus can ‘transition’, why couldn’t I?”

In the interview, the pastor asked to be treated as a woman, not as a transexual or a trasvestite.

“Here, in MCC we dare to say that God is a woman. Because that masculine part of God is very ugly, the God who stays 24 hours on the throne, the almighty God, who condemns you if you do something wrong. We believe that God is Mother, he is love,” she says.

The pastor says that “sexuality is a divine gift that cannot be seen as a curse regardless of how it manifests itself. Homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, transgenderism and all forms of expression of sexuality are gifts that God gives to his sons and daughters”.

According to him, in the Old Testament we are presented with a “male God who sits on the Throne punishing anyone who does not fulfill his designs, a ‘Homeric God’ who makes things happen”.

But “then  Jesus Christ comes and in the New Testament we are going to see that God is love, that God who in the Old Testament is only man, is going to open up, is going to allow himself to know through Jesus Christ”. “God has no gender, can be man or woman, or be none of those. God can be transvestite, transgender, can be a drag-queen or a crossdresser, God can be gay or lesbian. A goddess”.

“I’m sure God is transgender,” he says.

Alexya Salvador, her husband Roberto (R), her son Gabriel (L) and her transgender daughter Ana Maria pose for a photograph after speaking to Reuters at their home in Sao Paulo. Salvador said she identified as a gay man until she was about 28 years old, when she says she realized she was transgender. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Alexya is married to Roberto Salvador, who indentify himself as a gay person. The Brazilian legal system recently allowed them to adopt two children: Gabriel, 11, and Ana Maria, 9. Gabriel has special needs and Ana Maria is actually a child who suffers from gender dysphoria, but he is treated by them as a “trans woman”.

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