Disney parks launch rainbow Mickey Mouse ears with the colors for Gay Pride month


Disney continues in its attempt to ‘normalize’ the LGTB ideology among children and wants to paint its characters with gay colors. Recently controversy was created by the supposed lesbianism of Elsa, protagonist of Frozen, in the second part of the film.

Parents who take their children to Disney parks during the month of June will find a surprise. The leaders of the company have decided that during that month and to celebrate the Gay Pride month, the ears of the character of Mickey will be dyed the color of the gay flag.

In addition, the Mickey ears that are sold as merchandising in the front will have the same character’s gloves making a heart painted with the rainbow flag.

For months, LGTB comunity have pressured the company asking to transform Princess Elsa into a lesbian, although there are also many voices that have been raised against this new attempt of indoctrination by the Disney factory.

Faced with this new attempt at child indoctrination, groups in defense of the rights of minors and the natural family organized campaigns against this petition with more than 300,000 supports.

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