Christian family beaten by Muslims as they protect their daughter from being kidnapped and raped

A group of radical Muslims nearly kidnapped a young Christian woman in Pakistan when they entered her home and assaulted her family while trying to help her.

Despite saving the little girl from being kidnapped, this family continues to be threatened by the perpetrators of the crime.

International Christian Concern reported on the attempted kidnapping of the 13-year-old daughter of Aslam Masih and Noreen Bibi in a Pakistani neighbourhood.

Masih and her family were reportedly violently attacked by a crowd of 12 men who broke into their house.

The plan of these people was to kidnap their daughter, Noor, to rape her and then convert her to Islam by force, according to The Christian Post.

A man named Muhammad Irfan is believed to have led the group of armed men.

Bibi said the man constantly expressed a sexual interest in his young daughter.

“He [Irfan] often teased and disturbed my daughter in the streets, but we always ignored,” Bibi recalled.

“Finally, Irfan forcibly entered into my house and intended to kidnap my daughter. However, we resisted. In response, he attacked and beat my entire family who got multiple injuries.”

According to Bibi, her husband was injured in the attack and hasn’t received medical care to treat his wounds.

“Police have not registered the case against Irfan and medical staff have not provided medical aid to the injured,” Bibi was quoted as saying.

Irfan’s threats have also continued despite the family’s resistance.

Similarly, the group of people led by the “kidnapper” has threatened this family with burning their house if they take legal action.

Despite the immense number of crimes committed against Christians in Pakistan who face persecution, they rarely see justice in the legal system.

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