Bill Gates accused of trying to implant microchip in Coronavirus vaccine

The well-known philanthropist has become the target of various theories that revolve around the killer virus in recent months.

According to the theories, everything points to the millionaire being the mastermind behind the entire current situation.

Bill Gates, co-founder of the software company Microsoft, has spoken for years about the importance of being protected from a pandemic like the current one.

As Covid-19 spreads, the businessman announced that he would donate $ 250 million to fight the disease and find a vaccine.

Gates’ words have positioned him in the public eye where a number of conspiracy theories have been created about the origin of the Coronavirus. Such propositions went from being in social media posts to the mouths of hundreds of thousands.

“The failure to prepare could allow the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than Ebola,” Gates said.

“In fact, if there’s one positive thing that can come out of the Ebola epidemic, is that it can serve as a early warning, a wake up call, to get ready. If we start now, we can be ready for the next epidemic.”

Gates warned that other viruses could spread more easily than Ebola, which severely affected the health of those infected, typically leaving them bedridden.

“You can have a virus where people fell well enough that they get on a plane, or they go to a market,” he added.

These words were the ones that pointed the philanthropist out to being the mastermind behind the Covid-19.

According to one of the best-known theories, the millionaire is accused of having full knowledge of the pandemic.

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Mass vaccination and introduction of digital identification

This would cause that due to all the number of people terrified by the virus, experts carry out an “inevitable mass vaccination campaign to eradicate Covid-19”.

That would be the perfect opportunity, according to the conspiracy, to introduce a digital ID worldwide.

This system would allow saving all the health information of each individual and would be used to give them access to rights and services. This statement quotes a response from Gates where he mentioned a hypothetical “digital certificate”.

Apart from this, it is also mentioned that Laura Ingraham, host of Fox News, wrote on her Twitter account: “Digitally tracking Americans’ every move has been a dream of the globalists for years. This health crisis is the perfect vehicle for them to push this.”

Despite the direct accusations, Gates hasn’t said much about the conspiracies. He has only responded with one: “It’s ironic.”

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