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Psalm 138 - Young's Literal Translation 1898

The Lord’s Goodness to the Faithful

1. By David. I confess Thee, with all my heart, Before the gods I do praise Thee.

2. I bow myself toward Thy holy temple, And I confess Thy name, For Thy kindness, and for Thy truth, For Thou hast made great Thy saying above all Thy name.

3. In the day I called, when Thou dost answer me, Thou dost strengthen me in my soul with strength.

4. O Jehovah, all kings of earth confess Thee, When they have heard the sayings of Thy mouth.

5. And they sing in the ways of Jehovah, For great is the honour of Jehovah.

6. For high is Jehovah, and the lowly He seeth, And the haughty from afar He knoweth.

7. If I walk in the midst of distress Thou quickenest me, Against the anger of mine enemies Thou sendest forth Thy hand, And Thy right hand doth save me.

8. Jehovah doth perfect for me, O Jehovah, Thy kindness is to the age, The works of Thy hands let not fall!

1898 Young's Literal Translation

Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible by J.N. Young, 1862, 1898 (Author of the Young's Analytical Concordance)