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Psalm 92 - Easy To Read Version

Praise to the Lord for His Love and Faithfulness

1. It is good to praise the Lord.\par God Most-High, it is good to praise your name.\par

2. It is good to sing\par about your love in the morning,\par and about your faithfulness at night.\par

3. God, it is good to play music for you\par on ten-stringed instruments,\par harps, and lyres. {\cf2\super [519]} \par

4. Lord, you make us truly happy\par with the things you did.\par We gladly sing about those things.\par

5. Lord, you did such great things.\par Your thoughts are too hard for us to understand.\par

6. Compared to you,\par people are like stupid animals.\par We are like fools\par who can’t understand anything.\par

7. Wicked people live and die like weeds.\par And the worthless things they do\par will be destroyed forever.\par

8. But Lord, you will be honored forever.\par

9. Lord, all your enemies will be destroyed.\par All those people who do bad things\par will be destroyed.\par

10. But you will make me strong.\par I will be like a ram with strong horns.\par \{You chose me for my special work;\}\par you poured your refreshing oil over me.\par

11. I see my enemies around me.\par They are like huge bulls\par ready to attack me.\par I hear what they are saying about me.\par



14. Even when they are old,\par they will continue producing fruit\par like young, healthy trees.\par

15. They are there to show everyone\par that the Lord is good. {\cf2\super [520]} \par He is my Rock, {\cf2\super [521]} \par and he does nothing wrong. {\cf2\super [522]} \par

Easy To Read Version

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