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Psalm 139 - Easy To Read Version

God’s Perfect Knowledge of Man

1. Lord, you tested me.\par You know all about me.\par

2. You know when I sit down\par and when I get up.\par You know my thoughts from far away.\par

3. Lord, you know where I am going\par and when I am lying down.\par You know everything I do.\par

4. Lord, you know what I want to say,\par even before the words leave my mouth.\par

5. Lord, you are all around me—\par in front and in back of me.\par You gently put your hand on me.\par

6. I am amazed at what you know.\par It is too much for me to understand.\par

7. Your Spirit is in every place I go.\par Lord, I can’t escape you.\par

8. Lord, if I go up to heaven,\par you are there.\par If I go down to the place of death,\par you are there.\par

9. Lord, if I go east where the sun rises,\par you are there.\par If I go west to the sea,\par you are there.\par

10. Even there your right hand holds me,\par and you lead me by the hand.\par

11. Lord, I might try to hide from you and say,\par “The day has changed to night.\par Surely the darkness will hide me.”\par

12. But even darkness is not dark to you, Lord,\par The night is as bright as day to you.\par

13. Lord, you made my whole body. {\cf2\super [633]} \par You knew all about me\par while I was still in my mother’s body.\par

14. Lord, I praise you!\par You made me in an amazing and wonderful way.\par I know very well that what you did\par is wonderful!\par

15. You know all about me.\par You watched my bones grow\par while my body took shape,\par hidden in my mother’s body. {\cf2\super [634]} \par

16. You watched my body parts grow.\par You listed them all in your book.\par You watched me every day.\par Not one of them \{is missing\}.\par

17. Your thoughts are important to me.\par God, you know so much!\par

18. If I could count them,\par they would be more\par than all the grains of sand.\par And when I finished,\par I would still be with you.\par

19. God, kill the wicked people.\par Take those murderers away from me.\par

20. They say bad things about you.\par They say bad things about your name. {\cf2\super [635]} \par

21. Lord, I hate the people who hate you.\par I hate the people who turn against you.\par

22. I hate them completely!\par Your enemies are also my enemies.\par

23. Lord, look at me and know my heart.\par Test me and know my thoughts.\par

24. See if I have any evil thoughts.\par And guide me on the path\par that continues forever. {\cf2\super [636]} \par

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