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Psalm 138 - Easy To Read Version

The Lord’s Goodness to the Faithful

1. God, I praise you with all my heart.\par I will sing your songs\par before all the gods.\par

2. God, I bow down toward your holy temple.\par I praise your name,\par your true love,\par and your loyalty.\par You are famous \{for the power of\}\par your word.\par Now you have made it even greater!\par

3. God, I called to you for help.\par And you answered me!\par You gave me strength.\par

4. Lord, all the kings on earth will praise you\par when they hear what you say.\par

5. They will sing about the Lord’s way\par because the Glory of the Lord\par is very great.\par

6. God is very important,\par but he still cares for humble people.\par God knows what proud people do,\par but he stays far away from them.\par

7. God, if I am in trouble,\par keep me alive.\par If my enemies are angry at me,\par save me from them.\par

8. Lord, give me the things you promised.\par Lord, your true love continues forever.\par Lord, you made us,\par so don’t leave us!\par

Easy To Read Version

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