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Proverbs 17 - Easy To Read Version

1. It is better to have only a dry piece of bread to eat in peace than to have a whole house full of food with everyone arguing.

2. A smart servant will gain control over his master’s foolish son. That wise servant will be treated like a son and get a share of the inheritance.

3. Gold and silver are put into fire to make them pure. But the Lord is the One who makes peoples’ hearts pure.

4. An evil person listens to the evil things other people say. People who tell lies also listen to lies.

5. Some people make fun of poor people. They laugh at people who have problems. This shows that those bad people don’t respect God who made them. These bad people will be punished.

6. Grandchildren make old people happy. And children are proud of their parents.

7. It is not wise for a fool to speak too much. In the same way, it is not wise for a ruler to tell lies.

8. Some people think a bribe is like a lucky charm—wherever they go, it seems to work.

9. If you forgive a person who does wrong to you, then you can be friends. But if you continue to remember the wrong that he did, then it will hurt your friendship.

10. A smart person learns from the things he does wrong. But a fool learns nothing, even after a hundred lessons.

11. An evil person only wants to do wrong. In the end, God will send a messenger to punish him.

12. It is very dangerous to meet a mother bear that is angry because her cubs are stolen. But that is better than to meet a fool that is busy doing his foolishness.

13. Don’t do bad things to people who do good things to you. If you do, then you will have trouble for the rest of your life.

14. If you start an argument, it is like breaking a hole in a dam. So stop the argument before it becomes bigger and bigger.

15. The Lord hates these two things—punishing someone that has done nothing wrong, and forgiving someone that is guilty.

16. If a foolish person has money, it is wasted. Why? Because that foolish person does not use the money to become wise.

17. A friend loves at all times. A true brother always supports you, even in times of trouble.

18. Only a fool will promise to be responsible for another person’s debts.

19. A troublemaker loves to start arguments. A person that likes to brag is setting himself up for a fall. Both of them will end up in trouble. {\cf2\super [23]}

20. A crooked person will not get a good profit. A liar will get into bad trouble.

21. A father with a foolish son will be very sad. A fool’s father won’t be happy.

22. Happiness is like good medicine. But sorrow is like a sickness.

23. An evil person accepts secret payment for cheating other people.

24. The wise man is always thinking of the best thing to do. But a foolish person is always dreaming about faraway places.

25. A foolish son brings sorrow to his father. And a foolish son brings sadness to the mother that gave birth to him.

26. It is wrong to punish a person who has done nothing wrong. It is wrong to punish leaders when they are honest.

27. A wise person uses words carefully. A wise person does not become angry easily.


Easy To Read Version

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