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Psalm 138 - Coverdale Miles 1535  Bible

The Lord’s Goodness to the Faithful

1. I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) with my whole hert, euen before the goddes wil I synge prayses vnto the.

2. I wil worshippe towarde thy holy teple, and prayse thy name because of thy louynge kyndnesse and treuth, for thou hast magnified thy worde, acordynge vnto thy greate name.

3. When I call vpo the, thou hearest me, and endewest my soule with moch stregth.

4. All the kynges of the earth shal prayse the (o LORDE) when they heare the wordes of thy mouth.

5. Yee they shal synge in the wayes of the LORDE, that greate is the glory of the LORDE.

6. For though the LORDE be hye, yet hath he respecte vnto ye lowly: as for ye proude, he beholdeth him afarre off.

7. Though I walke i ye myddest of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hade vpo the furiousnes of myne enemies,

8. The LORDE shal make good for me, yee thy mercy (o LORDE) endureth for euer: despyse not then the worke of thine owne handes.

1535 Miles Coverdale Bible

1535 Miles Coverdale Bible