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Nahum 2 - Complete Apostles' Bible

The Destruction of Nineveh

1. It is all over with him, he has been removed, one who has been delivered from affliction has come up panting into your presence, watch the way, strengthen your loins, be very valiant in your strength.

2. For the Lord has turned aside the pride of Jacob, as the pride of Israel: for they have utterly rejected them, and have destroyed their branches.

3. They have destroyed the arms of their power from among men, their mighty men sporting with fire: the reins of their chariots shall be destroyed in the day of his preparation, and the horsemen shall be thrown into confusion

4. in the ways, and the chariots shall clash together, and shall be entangled in each other in the broad ways: their appearance is as lamps of fire, and as gleaming lightning.

5. And their mighty men shall bethink themselves and flee by day; and they shall be weak as they go; and they shall hasten to her walls, and shall prepare their defenses.

6. The gates of the cities have been opened, and the palaces have fallen into ruin,

7. and the foundation has been exposed; and she has gone up, and her maid servants were led away as doves moaning in their hearts.

8. And as for Nineveh, her waters shall be as a pool of water: and they fled, and stood not, and there was none to look back.

9. They plundered the silver, they plundered the gold, and there was no end of their adorning; they were loaded with it upon all their pleasant vessels.

10. There is thrusting forth, and shaking, and tumult, and heart breaking, and loosing of knees, and pangs on all loins; and the faces of all are as the blackening of a pot.

11. Where is the dwelling place of the lions, and the feeding place of the young lions? Where did the lion go, that the lion's cub should enter in there, and there was none to scare him away?

12. The lion seized enough prey for his cubs, and strangled for his young lions, and filled his lair with prey, and his dwelling place with spoil.

13. Behold, I am against you, says the Lord Almighty, and I will burn up your multitude in the smoke, and the sword shall devour your lions; and I will utterly destroy your prey from off the land, and your deeds shall be heard of no more.

The Complete Apostles' Bible

Translated by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton. Revised and Edited by Paul W. Esposito, and, The English Majority Text Version (EMTV) of the Holy Bible, New Testament. Copyright © 2002-2004 Paul W. Esposito.