Watch this former Muslim experience with Jesus

Nasir Siddiki was born a Muslim living in UK. By age 34, Nasir Siddiki, a successful businessman, had made his first million, but money meant nothing to him on his deathbed. In this NDE account, Nasir Sidikki experiences things in the afterlife and meets Jesus Christ.

Diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital, his immune system shut down and doctors left him to die. The next morning, he woke up in a sterile room on the eighth floor of the hospital, with his skin burning as though someone had doused him in gasoline and lit a match. He felt on fire from the inside out. His doctor arrived and looked at him in wonder.

His condition went worse that the physician in-charge had declared him dying in few hours. But Nasir, gathering his strength whispered a prayer. “God, if you’re real, don’t let me die!” Then, JESUS appeared before Him and healing started to break out

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