Amazing testimony!! Muslim Hezbollah Soldier Meets Jesus In Jail

Afshin Javid, a former Hezbollah (an Islamic Militant Group) soldier encountered Jesus while he was caught and put in jail in Malaysia.

He was born in Iran in a devout muslim family. Since childhood he followed all commandments of Islam including fasting and praying. His grandfather was a devout Muslim, his father was a leader for Islamic revolution in Iran. He wanted to involve himself into more of Islamic works and so he joined Hezbollah and served as a soldier with them for 2 years in Pakistan.

Later he moved to Malaysia, but was caught by Malaysian police because of his illegal passport. He was put in Jail and it is in the Jail he had a strange rencounter that changed his life for ever. In the jail cell, he left some strange spirit moving and he had a feeling in his heart that he would die. He started praying and rebuking the spirit in the name of ‘Allah’, but he then heard a voice saying Rebuke it in the Name of Jesus. Once he did that, he felt the strange spirit had left.

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