You don’t have enough time for these reasons

You don’t have enough time for these reasons

Have you ever thought the time is not enough for you to do everything you owe? Time does not offer returns. Once you lose it, you cannot go back and retrieve it. For that reason, you must identify what steals your time and change those bad habits before the years go by and you have not done anything you wanted.


The five most common reasons that stop you from being productive enough:

You waste your time on the internet:

According to statistics, last year we spent an average of 135 minutes on the internet every day and this figure is increasing more and more. If you think it’s an incredible fact, haven’t you noticed that when you’re focused on checking your social networks or surfing the internet, it seems as if time doesn’t pass? If you cut the hours you spend on the internet, you would have more time to do what you owe. But if you do not, you are likely to have pending tasks and leave them to the last minute, and this practice will affect your performance at work and studies.

You don’t know how to organize your tasks

Nowadays it even seems funny to have many tasks and finally spend the day doing nothing. This may seem funny to some extent, but it really shows that people don’t know how to organize. By having many tasks pending, they give priority to what they should not and thus become obfuscated because they do not finish their projects. If that is your case, make a list of your pending tasks according to the urgency with which you should finish them. This will help you invest your strength and energy properly and productively.

You do a lot at once

There are people who take pride in saying that they can do many things at once, and perhaps that is true and works for them. However, a danger of this practice is that by doing a lot, the quality of what is done decreases. A popular phrase says “he who encompasses much, little squeezes” and that applies in these cases. It is better to do things in order and focus on something specific, to try to pay attention to many things at the same time and in the end not doing anything right.

You do only one thing at a time

There are people who, with the desire to concentrate on one thing, waste their time because what they started never ends and therefore leaves aside their other responsibilities. It is good to pay attention to something, but it must be measured. If you see that you are not progressing on a task, you can pause it and do other work, that is, according to the degree of priority it has in your life.

 You don’t know how to say “no”

Another bad practice that steals your time may be your inability to say “no.” Committing and accepting many tasks may seem like a good way to be kind and considerate, but it also prevents us from being excellent at what we do. If you know that you are not on time, do not volunteer or accept more tasks than you have, instead, learn to recognize your limits and reject projects to avoid overloading yourself.

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