Winner or loser? You choose!

A small caterpillar marched in the direction of the sun. Halfway there was a grasshopper.

Where are you going? he asked. Still crawling, the caterpillar replied: –I had a dream last night: I dreamed that I was contemplating the whole valley from the top of the great mountain. I liked what I saw in the dream so much that I decided to make it happen.

As the caterpillar moved away, the grasshopper, surprised, mocked her: “You’re crazy!” How are you going to get there? For you, who are a simple worm, a stone is like a mountain, a small puddle like a sea, and any trunk, like a gigantic wall. The caterpillar heard their reproaches unperturbed, without leaving a single moment to continue dragging its tiny body.

Suddenly he heard the voice of a beetle: – Where are you going so hard? Bathed in sweat and panting, the caterpillar explained that he had had a dream in which he contemplated the whole world from the top of the great mountain, and that he was going to climb it so that that dream could come true. The beetle burst out laughing and said, “Even I, with these big legs I have, would try to do something so ambitious.”

In the same way, as the determined caterpillar advanced centimeter by centimeter, the spider, the mole and the frog advised him to give up his efforts. “Not even in the never of the jamases will you be able to achieve it!” But in the back of her being there was an impulse that forced her to move on. Already exhausted and lifeless, he decided to stop to rest. With the few remaining forces, he built a place to spend the night. “I’ll be better here,” he thought.

But during the night, he died. All the animals of the valley went to see their remains. There lay, impassive in the shelter that was his shell, the craziest creature in creation! He had built as his grave a monument to foolishness, worthy of those who die for an illusion. A morning of shining sun the animals gathered again around what had become a warning for the daring.

Suddenly they were stunned. The hard shell began to break, and they saw eyes and antennas that could not be those of the caterpillar that they believed dead. Little by little, as if to give them time to get out of their astonishment, the beautiful butterfly wings of that impressive creature in front of them were emerging, the one that would realize their dream, the dream they had lived for, for which they had died and for the one who had lived again. Just as God predestined caterpillars to become beautiful butterflies, he also predestined human beings to be transformed according to the attractive image of his Son.

In other words, God has determined that our true destiny is of glory. But to get to that glory that has us ready, we have to follow Christ, his Son. Because from here to glory Christ wants to transform us mentally and spiritually and before our arrival, physically as well.

That day, when it seems that we have died, He will transform our mortal body into an even more glorious body than that of the butterfly, for ours will not be fragile and perishable, but strong and immortal. And in that glorified body we will crown the great heavenly mountain!

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