What will you do when facing death?

What will you do when facing death?

Once there was a climber, whose greatest desire was to conquer Aconcagua. After careful preparation, he began his adventure.

He climbed from the foot of the mountain, and the closer he got to the top, the more excited he was.

His strong desire to fulfill his wish as soon as possible led him to continue climbing.

The night came and gradually the climber could see nothing in the dark. But he didn’t stop. When he was only a few meters from the top, he suddenly slipped and fell.

Falling at great speed, he was afraid, thinking that he would definitely die. But then, he was suddenly stopped by the rope attached to his waist, so he was suspended in the air.

He started shouting: “Help me, God! Help!” Suddenly, he heard a deep voice from heaven,

“What do you want me to do?”

“God, save me!” the climber asked

“Do you really think I can save you?”

“Of course!”

“Then cut the rope around your waist,” God replied.

After a moment of silence, the climber decided to hold on to the rope with all his strength and thought it could save his life.

The next day, the rescue team found his body, which was frozen and hanging on a rope, with his hands still gripping the rope tightly. And he was only one meter from the ground.

The climber could have survived because God had told him how to survive when he held the rope and begged God to save him. But he did not believe in the words of God and considered that only the rope in his hands was his only lifesaver.

He gripped the rope tightly and finally lost his precious life. In fact, his death was not the result of the accident, but of his notion and imagination.

What this story wants to teach us is the fact that following God´s word is better than anything. It doesn´t matter if we cannot see or understand. If God says it, we have to obey. God thought´s are always better than ours.

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