Why does God only heal some people when they pray for them? Famous theologians respond

Sometimes, when a Christian prays for a sick person, depending on his faith, he will be expectant for what God will do. If it’s healed, it will be a wonderful thing… But, what happens if God does not respond to the believer’s prayer?

Why does God only heal some people when they pray for them? Famous theologians respond
Why does God only heal some people when they pray for them? Famous theologians respond

A controversial issue among Christians arises when talking about those healing prayers that many people often do but God does not answer. Why does this usually happen?

Theologian John Piper’s point of view

Theologians John Piper and Al Mohler analyzed why God only answers some healing prayers and the role that faith plays in the outcome.

While in a podcast, Piper responded to a viewer who asked if greater faith would have saved his father who died of a brain tumor.

“My answer is that I don’t know. I don’t know,” was his answer. The theologian explained that it would be crazy if he had to think every time he preaches what would have happened if he did things differently.

“Would more faith heal? Would more faith save? Maybe, but maybe not,” he continued. Piper argued that the Bible shows occasions when Jesus healed when there was no faith.

Theologian John Piper.
Theologian John Piper.

“He healed in response to little faith; He healed in response to great faith; He withheld healing for lack of faith,” said the minister.

“I believe that the way forward is to seek to grow in faith and grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, according to 2 Peter 3:18. Never, never, never settle for what you already have in faith. I always want more of everything God has to give. But realize that faith is a gift, and you can never boast that God owes it to you,” he added.

The theologian explained that it is God who decides which person dies and when he does.

“Our main job is to trust His promise. And His promise is not to cure everyone we want to heal. His promise is to do good to those who trust in Him (Romans 8:28), and conform to Christ (Romans 8:29), and give us the grace we need to persevere in love and holiness to the end (2 Corinthians 12:9) he added.

Theologian Albert Mohler’s opinion

On the other hand, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, theologian Albert Molher, also addressed the subject of divine healing.

Mohler suggests that it is always a good idea to pray for healing; and adds that all the biblical worldview is that everyone will be healed in eternity.

Theologian Albert Mohler.
Theologian Albert Mohler.

“It is always right to pray, it is the right thing for the Church. There is nothing wrong with praying for God to heal me… All the biblical worldview is that, by the power of the Gospel and the promise of Christ, we will be healed, we will be perfect.”

He also referred to the hymn of Charles Wesley, “Or for a thousand tongues to sing,” which says: “And jump, lame, of joy,” highlighting the truth that one day every tear will be erased.

Molher explains that, in the middle of the process and illness that a person may be going through, God is not absent; which is something that should always be remembered.

The theologian emphasized an important aspect of the healing embodied in John 9:1-12, where Jesus gave sight to a blind man.

That man did not suffer the disease for years due to the sin of his parents, but so that the power of God could be shown.

“I’ve been sick, I’ve been about to die, and the Lord has rescued me,” he explained. “Sometimes I was unconscious and could not pray for myself and others prayed for me. That gives me a renewed feeling that God has a purpose for me, which points to the earthly future. But I also have to know theologically and biblically, my soul must be sure of the fact that God’s purposes will be perfected in me, even if my earthly horizon is short.”

Pastor Bryan Chapell’s opinion

Another minister who spoke on the subject was Grace Presbyterian Church Pastor Bryan Chapell; who added that when God heals, that gives glory to Him.

In addition, if the person is not healed but has faith in eternal life and his soul is saved, that also gives glory to God.

“God always answers the prayers to heal, he simply does not ans

Pastor Bryan Chapell
Pastor Bryan Chapell

wer at the moment we are asking,” Chapell said. “God can heal imperfectly in this life, but he will always heal the Christian perfectly when we are with Him.”

Every Christian should understand that only God knows the reasons why he grants healing to some people or not.

If you find yourself going through a situation of illness or any kind of affliction, it does not mean that God does not want to work in your favor in a healing or that the person who prayed for you does not have enough spiritual authority to get God’s attention.

You simply must fight so that your faith does not decay and believe even if you cannot see anything; since your miracle may be on its way and it will arrive at the moment you least expect it and the way you least thought.

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