Who lives the longest?

Who lives the longest?

Many factors can be part of this great benefit. But now we are going to emphasize them.

Who lives the longest?

Studies from the University of Texas assures that people “with positive attitudes” tend to have the longest-living lives than pessimists.

The studies considered that positive emotions can directly affect health, altering the physical balance of the body.

In his latest book, “Exuberance: The Passion for Life,” Kay R. Jamison celebrates the “gift of exuberance,” in which she describes how the driving force of creativity, leadership, and survival itself.

“She enables us, or gives us, optimism to believe in the future and in the possibilities and importance of what we are and what we do; it forces us to penetrate the great arena of life. ”

So, don´t waste your precious minutes in life complaining about everything. Life is short, let’s live with joy and remember that the only source of true joy is the Lord. (Numbers 10:10), (1 Chronicles 16:27)

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