Which character do you identify with?

Some workers were chopping stones in front of a huge building under construction. A visitor approached one of the workers and asked:

-What are you doing here? The worker looked at him harshly and replied, ‘Are you blind to see what we are doing? Here, stinging stones like slaves for a miserable salary and without the slightest recognition. See that same poster. There they put the names of Engineers, Architects, but they do not put ours that we are the ones that work hard and leave the skin in the work.

The visitor then approached another worker and asked him the same thing. ‘Here, as you may well see, chopping stones to lift this huge building. The work is hard and poorly paid, but times are difficult, there is not much work and something must be done to bring food to the children.

The visitor approached a third worker and once again asked him what he was doing. The man answered with great enthusiasm: -We are building a Hospital, the most beautiful in the world. Future generations will admire you impressed and will hear the constant entering and leaving of the ambulances, announcing the help of God for men. I will not see it finished, but I want to be part of this extraordinary adventure.

The same work, the same salary, the same lack of recognition; the same reality. Three different ways of living it: as slavery; as resignation; as passion, adventure and challenge.

To serve God is to be part of the best work …

Among the people of God, it usually happens like this; Many work with the desire to be recognized and have fame before others, others stagnate and conform if they look beyond and without believing that God’s purpose is greater… But others are willing and convinced to make a difference, understanding that the greatest reward and reward comes from the hand of God.

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