When what God does does not make sense, but has a purpose

All human beings, we go through adverse circumstances daily, painful moments in our life that lead us to assume that nothing makes sense, and sometimes we believe that we have only come to this world to suffer and we come to think that life is very hard (Romans 8:18).

When what God does does not make sense, but has a purpose
When what God does not make sense, but has a purpose

We tend to believe that when someone comes to God all their problems suddenly disappear, but it is not like that; for no one is exempt from going through a tragedy such as illness, loss of a loved one, experiencing a natural disaster, losing freedom, or even having been physically or verbally assaulted.

The pain and suffering that the circumstances experienced in the past may cause us can bring us down and make us believe that God has left us alone and that he is the cause of all our misfortunes. You may even wonder: why did it happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?

The truth is that nobody is guilty of the bad things that happen to you; even God warned us in his word that we would have bad days (John 16:33) but that we must trust in Him; because He has already defeated the world. When something happens in our life, it’s because it had to be that way. However harsh it may sound, we cannot blame God for what happens to us. Will we receive from God the good and not the bad? (Job 2:10).

The scars you have in your heart are the demonstration that, although the process has hurt, God has been there applying the necessary ointment for you to heal, and although you have passed through the valley of the shadow of death, you were not alone, but were in the arms of your Father (Psalm 23: 4).

Perhaps, you are going through a terrible desert and you don’t know what God is going to get out of all this. However, he knows all your steps, knows your pain and is there in all your suffering, and, through that situation, He will make you a new person, with the ability to face and help others through that experience. Nothing happens by chance.

“When you go to a hospital, it’s when you discover the value of health. When you visit a jail, it’s when you realize that there’s nothing more beautiful than freedom. And when you look at a cemetery, it is when you understand that the best gift you have today, is called life”.

If you think that your problem is greater and that nobody in the world suffers more than you, think about the lives of those around you. You will see that you are not the only one who is struggling, but that we all run this race every day (1 Peter 4:12-13).

The problem you are now going through is not bigger than God, and even if you don’t understand it, the Lord has control of that situation. When He is silent, it does not mean that He is not working. Quite the opposite! It’s in those moments where He is holding you and giving you comfort.

He is there in the middle of your process. It’s Him who heals all your wounds and lifts you from the ground; and like gold, God is polishing you and making the best of you. If you have to cry, do it, even Jesus did it! And if you are going to collapse, let it be in the arms of your Creator (Matthew 28:20).

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