What happens in Churches: are we worshipping or entertaining ourselves?

All the leading reformers were first and foremost men of the Word. Their churches were built around the sound doctrine of the Scriptures. Nothing could question the centrality of the Christian pulpit.

What happens in Churches: are we worshipping or entertaining ourselves?

But it seems that our contemporary evangelical movement is slowly beginning to slide down the slopes of the dark mountain of confusion.

Who would be foolish enough to question the quantity of our singing or doubt the spirituality of our worship leaders? Music makes us feel so good, doesn’t it? It simply has to come from God. We easily cut down on the time allotted for fellowship and even the preaching of the Word in our Sunday services, but not the music. No way! “Give us five, ten, or fifteen more minutes!” Everyone loves worship time.

Praising the Lord through hymns and songs is a wonderful thing. However, one must oppose music when it becomes so important that the focus is taken away from the Word of God.

I have attended meetings in recent years that were simply filled with music and left a few minutes to have a brief ‘word’ at the end. But what is this? Jesus wanted a church built on his teaching! He never said a word about music.

I also oppose music when it is diluted into simple entertainment. This is what is increasingly being witnessed as inside the temples. We go to events to share the Word, and instead of worshipping, we are entertained with captivating solos, dance and singing techniques and the like.

Now, it’s not advisable to go that far. But surely something must be done to redirect the course back to the rock of God’s Word. Music, like so many things, can be useful to the extent that we use it for the glory of God, but it must be put in its proper place. It must be theologically correct.

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