What goes around comes around

Two brothers were going through the forest hills. Suddenly, one of them, the little one,  fell down on the trail screaming, “Aah!” He got surprised because he heard the same voice from the mountain, “Aah!” Curious about what happened,  he shouted again, “hello” But the voice replied the same, “hello” .

He got angry because he thought it was somebody making fun of him, so he shouted again, “You are stupid!” And again the voice replied the same, “You are stupid!”

Annoyed By this, the little boy asked brother, “What is going on? Who is this?” It is nobody, his brother replied laughing about what happened.

Due to the situation, he asked his little brother to pay attention and shouted: “You are very nice”. And the voice responded the same, “You are very nice!”

He continues shouting several times and the voice again responded the same things he was saying. His little brother very surprised but he still could not understand what was happening.

His brother said to him, “people call it resonance, but I call it the “truth of life”. Because believe it or not, life is a reflection of your actions.

What you give to others, you will receive the same in return.” It means “What goes around comes around

This simple story shows us a reality. Although we try to ignore it, it will be applied in our life. So, start sowing what you want others to give you back. Treat others the same way you want to be treated for “What goes around, comes around” (Matthew 7:12)



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