What does God want to tell us through COVID-19? (VIDEO)

Because of the way this pandemic has affected our everyday living, it is natural to feel that we are filled with worry, fear or anxiety.

What does God want to tell us through COVID-19?
What does God want to tell us through COVID-19?

Nonetheless, we have to take in account all the things God is teaching us that we may be ignoring.

Have you stopped by and thought about the lessons God wants to bring into your life through the outbreak of this pandemic?

4 Things Covid-19 Reminds Us

1. God’s sovereignty and our fragility

While our wise and unwise choices certainly have consequences, much of what has happened regarding this virus is completely beyond our control.

Meanwhile, God is reminding us that everything that has happened is under His control, and that above all His sovereignity remains.

(Psalm 8:3-5).

2. God is teaching us to trust Him without worrying about the Future

As humans, it makes sense to find ourselves in a state of panic, questioning what is happening and what will happen. “How bad will it get? What will happen tomorrow? Will we find a solution to all of this? What if I get the virus?”, are probably some of the questions that have maybe arisen in your mind.

God reminds us through His Word that the Lord is at hand. If we understand this, we will be filled with the peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:4-7), for He is almighty and has already overcame the world (John 16:33).

3. God is teaching us not to waste the little time we have on earth

Life is short. As children of God, we know that our purpose in earth is not just to have fun; we are called to glorify God! We are called to be a light in the world to all those who don’t know Him.

During these hard times, God may be teaching you to awaken, turn to Him and remember that your time on earth is short (Psalm 90:12).

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4. That the Gospel is the final solution to all our problems

As christians, God may be reminding us that the real big issue, underlying every issue, is the bokenness caused by sin.

Romans 6:23 clearly states the consequences of sin, but diferentiates it from the final result of turning to Jesus Christ, thus, following the Gospel.

(Romans 8:35-39).

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