Do you want to remain rabbit, or are you willing to be a turtle?

Are you a rabbit or a turtle?
“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”” (James 4:6)There is a fable that talks about a rabbit that was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow. Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge. The fox was to be the umpire of the race. As the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead of the turtle, just like everyone thought.

The rabbit got to the halfway point and could not see the turtle anywhere. He was hot and tired and decided to stop and take a short nap. Even if the turtle passed him, he would be able to race to the finish line ahead of him. All this time the turtle kept walking step by step by step. He never quit no matter how hot or tired he got. He just kept going.

However, the rabbit slept longer than he had thought and woke up. He could not see the turtle anywhere! He went at full speed to the finish line, but found the turtle there waiting for him.

In the work of God there are many ‘rabbits’ who believe in their abilities, confident in themselves, they seem to belong to a ‘chosen and special caste’, they are like ‘designated, unique beings’, no turtle can compare with them, and if they compare themselves to others  is to demonstrate how much advantage they have.

I can imagine them showing their muscular legs, their big ears, their aerodynamic body, prepared for the competition, ‘born to win’, ‘chosen to be champions’, what difference do the silent and slow turtle have?

Will not that be the case with many ‘rabbits’ and ‘turtles’?

Humility is not about clothes, or to have or not to have money, does not happen to say me humble, or humble me, humility is a disposition of the heart, is an attitude in life, and every time we believe we are ‘rabbits’ we should remember: God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

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