Today… I’ll Practice Relationship… Not Religion

We could never imagine that humans could ever get to know God for who He really is. How we could somehow get to know God and why He would want to reveal Himself to us are great mysteries, but we can know Him because He allows it.

Before we see how, we first want to focus our attention on the unique nature of God.

None of the gods are the true God; the Lord does not have several pseudonyms in the different countries of the world. Our God has characteristics and qualities that distinguish it from other gods.

No god is like our God.

Psalm 86:8 What does this verse say about the true God, whose name is the Lord?

Is it possible for you to confuse your concept of God with attributes of other gods?

Can you think of specific examples?

As you walk with the Lord, you will learn more and more to distinguish the Lord and His works from other gods and their activities.

There are two lies about the Lord that our culture tends to adopt. Some see him as a nebulous presence like that of a low-grade electric shock that can hardly be perceived when conditions are favorable or when particularly sensitive people are present.

Others confuse God with the other gods of the world. He becomes a caricature composed of Thor, Zeus, Vishnu and everyone’s ideas about how He probably is.

The ideas that people have about God can be false and misleading as are idols.

Not because something is worshiped means that it is the Lord. We can know God and He wants you to know Him.

Christianity is the only faith that presents God as a loving Father who wants to have an intimate and personal relationship with His followers. Here are some examples of the image of God that other religions have.

The furious avenger. Some religions teach that God is a cruel judge who spends most of His time punishing His followers when they disobey His commands. He is not a god of love, but a god of violence and hatred.

God does not want us to know about Him, but we really know Him as Moses did, ‘face to face, as one who talks to a friend.’

That is why today I do not want to practice religion, but to practice my relationship with God.

Lord. On this day I come before you because I want to know you more and more personally. Religion can be good, but  a relationship with you is much better and  I come to love you as my Father. Amen.

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