This is what happens in the spiritual world when you sing secular music

This is what happens in the spiritual world when you sing secular music

God created everything with a function and purpose. Music is one of those things. Its main purpose is to glorify God, to give him praise and worship.

Satan tries to imitate everything God created to distract people from the right path. music is no exception.

God´s desire is to find people to worship him in spirit and truth, he wants people to love him for who he is, for what he has done. God is looking for true worshipers (John 4:23-24).

The enemy wants to avoid that, that`s why he cheats people giving them all they “need” and “want” to satisfy the flesh.

The Bible says there is power in our tongue. It means that what we say or sing has an impact on the spiritual word. We can speak life or death (Proverbs 18:21).

If you analyze this verse, you will probably understand your life how important is for what God is telling you.

How does this work?

 In a church, people gather and sing praises in order to worship God, to make spiritual connections, to bring the presence of God (Psalm 22: 3)

Now let’s study the opposite side. When dozens (a singing group), thousands (a concert) or millions (radio, TV, and YouTube) sing songs with content full of sex, violence, and pleasures, who do you think they are worshiping? Or what do you think it will bring?

When you open your mouth to worship the desires of the flesh, you give demons legal ground in your life.

You open doors for the enemy to grab every word you say and bring it to pass. If you talk about destruction, sadness, depression, etc, every time you sing, the enemy won´t lose time and opportunity to act.

The spiritual world of darkness is full of demons that whisper apostasy against faith (1 Timothy 4: 1) and that prowl to inhabit man, damage his spiritual state and therefore his physical state and they need to enter your life somewhere ( Matthew 12: 43-45).

So think for a moment: Do not you think the excessive increase in homicides, sexual sins, aberrations, wars and all that, in recent times have something to do with this?

The demons, nourish and connect to this world through that subtle worship that is sometimes only a “harmless song”, but the truth is that the bottom is bringing the worst of the spiritual world to people´s lives to harm and destroy what God created.

What you have to do

So don’t join that choir that praises the devil worldwide, instead, join the choir of angels who praise the name of the Lord. Your words must be full of blessings, love, peace, and all that glorify the name of the Lord. The more you worship God, the more blessings you will receive from him.

Be a wise person and open your mouth to talk about the greatness of your Heavenly Father. Let all your life honor the one who created you and gave you the beautiful gift of salvation!


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