Things pastors should never stop doing

Things pastors should never stop doing

Pastors represent the greatest authority within congregations. God gave them this authority for them to model and teach the church members the image of Christ.  This authority is linked to everyday responsibility (Luke 12:48). That´s why pastors need to develop the closest relationship with the one who called them to received specific instructions to put into practice for the good of the body of Christ, the Church.

For this reason, Christian ministers have to walk according to God´s will for their spiritual children to follow in their footsteps.

But for pastors and church leaders to make the work God demanded them efficiently they should never stop doing the following things:


  •  To Pray: The Bible encourages God´s children to pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17). This Bible verse and many others are even more important for your life if you are doing pastoral work. Why? Because it is necessary to be in constant communication with God to do his will. He knows what every person needs are, so if his servants talk always with their Lord, it will be easier for them to guide their church members. They will always have a fresh word when needed.


  • To intercede for his church members: God wants pastors to take care of his Church which is so precious for him. This responsibility is not only related to a specific matter, but it also implies every single area of the believers. Of course, it is impossible that one single person can take care of many people ´s needs. So, how can pastors do it? By interceding! When pastors intercede for his church members, he covers every single area they may be facing through prayer because he understands that only one who can solve all his church members’ problems is God.


  • To avoid favoritism: Talking about this issue can be hard and frustrating for some pastors. Inside the church, there will be the easy ones and the hard ones. However, a pastor´s work goes beyond these differences. It involves loving and helping everyone who needs and wants to receive help. It is also important to mention that pastors are not called to give ministries because he has a friendly relationship with a particular member. God is the one who gives ministries (Ephesians 4: 11-13). The pastor’s role is to help church members develop their calling to build up the church and to glorify God.


  • To establish a priority order: The minister must be aware that God will always be above everything (Matthew 22:37). In this particular case is very important for pastors to make God the center of his heart and live according to his directions. When God is in the center, he orders everything around. When pastors ask God about everything, He will guide them to establish the best agenda. He will lead you to create a balance among all the things under your responsibility: Church, family, friends, recreation activities, etc.


  • To stay humble: When people are in high places, sometimes it can give place for the temptation to come. Pride and self-centeredness can appear when a person is getting famous for a specific area. In God´s kingdom, things are not like the world´s.  In Christ, we must always remember that everything is for God and for the Glory of God (Ephesians 4: 2, James 4:10). Pastors need to remember that God is the owner and the one who deserves all glory. They need to close their ears to the enemy´s words. Humbleness is the best attitude a God´s child must show, and Jesus gave us the example (Matthew 11:29).
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