The ten deadliest pandemics in history (SHOCKING IMAGES)


A pandemic is a large-scale epidemic, which has reached a higher level than was normally expected.

The Ten Deadliest Pandemics in History
The Ten Deadliest Pandemics in History

If you think of a “pandemic,” it is quickly associated with a large number of deaths due to the poor preparation that may occur at the time of its boom.

However, there have already been 10 of them that have killed countless people in different countries.


Check out the list of the deadliest pandemics in world history below:

  1. Smallpox: it is infectious, has left millions of dead and people disfigured by pustules that sprout in the skin.
  2. Measles: also known as Rubella or Chickenpox, has serious discomforts and is the cause of many deaths in history due to lung inflammation.
  3. The Spanish Flu: it is one of the most serious, since it has managed to kill 6% of the world’s population.
  4. The Black or Bubonic Plague: it is an active bacterium in rural populations that produces very unpleasant blisters, which is transmitted by fleas and rats.
  5. HIV: AIDS is another of the deadliest pandemics, of which there is no cure yet, it has killed 25 million people.
  6. The Justinian Plague: this is also caused by the same black plague bacteria, which killed 25 million people in the eighth century.
  7. The third Pandemic: rooted in China, caused with a bacterial plague, the death of 12 million humans.
  8. Typhus: transmitted by insects, affects remote rural populations.
  9. Cholera: has killed thousands of people from dehydration by contracting a bacterium.
  10. The Hong Kong Flu: a variation of the H3N2 flu killed one million people with bird flu.

The Coronavirus: an alert about another possible pandemic

Currently, in the city of Wuhan – China, Coronavirus emerged, a virus from their largest family, which produces symptoms similar to a simple flu until it becomes deadly pneumonia.

So far, there is no cure for it, and its spread is lethally rapid. Many countries are closing their borders for fear of infection and only at the root of this disease, more than 500 people have already died.

Scientists and doctors would be warning that this could be the eleventh deadliest pandemic in history, surpassing 10 on this list.

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