The Power of Prayer

Prayer changes things!

Matthew 21:22 ‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.’ Learn how prayer works. It generates unlimited power to benefit and benefit others. Change the world around you!

Follow the basic principles we give in this presentation and you will renew your spiritual life.


God does not conceive of prayer as a rite, but as a lively exchange, an affectionate dialogue between good friends. Unfortunately, today the idea prevails that it is not possible to speak with God in those terms. Some people think that their lack of religiosity prevents them from approaching the Creator in this way. Others have the idea that Heavenly Father is so sublime that he is far removed from our reality.

There are those who think that it has much to do to care for them and their problems, and that earthly things are of no importance to Him. Some are considered unworthy or very imperfect. Others feel guilty or ashamed of certain acts they have committed. There are those who are even afraid of it.

The Lord desires to maintain a personal relationship with each of us. He wants this to be the most profound, transcendental, satisfying and gratifying aspect of our life.

How is that connection established?

Very simple: Through His Son, Jesus.

None of us is capable of conceiving how great and wonderful God is. He and His Spirit transcend the universe. To the point it surpasses our understanding that it had to send a being capable of exemplifying His love. Someone we could identify with. Someone who put God to the heights of our limited human understanding. That is why he gave us his Son Jesus.

Prayer is communication

As with all friendship, your relationship with Jesus will be strengthened if you communicate with Him frankly and often. In fact, that is the essence of prayer: to communicate heart to heart with the Lord.

You can pray anywhere, at any time. It’s the same whether you’re sitting or standing. It is not necessary to be in a temple or any particular place. The prayer establishes a bond between the Lord and you, wherever you are.

Benefits of prayer

Spending time with The Lord yields so many benefits that we cannot do without it. He can help us solve our problems, answer our questions, ease our sorrows, comfort us in our uneasiness, provide us joy, get closer to Heaven and much more.

Prayer alters circumstances! It is one of the means God uses to meet the needs and desires of His children, as long as it is beneficial to them and others.

The benefit of our prayers in others

Prayer can significantly improve the lives of others. Praying is not the least you can do for someone, but the maximum. Our prayers move the heart and the hand of God to intervene in favor of the people for whom we ask.

‘If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you’. John 15:7

Tú puedes experimentar ese poder milagroso que obra en tu vida cuando Dios te da soluciones a tus problemas, valor y fuerza para enfrentar la adversidad, al igual que paz mental, curación, perdón, amor y ánimo.

You can experience that miraculous power that works in your life when God gives solutions to your problems; when He gives you strength and courage to face adversity; and peace of mind, healing, forgiveness, and love.

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