The most commonly used names of God in everyday life

The most commonly used names of God in everyday life

God is a supreme, eternal, infinite, and perfect Being; Bible drescribes him as the Creator of all things who governs everything by his almighty power and wisdom.

He is one God, but although he is one, he can reveal himself to our lives in many different ways.

Bible uses different names of God to convey specific and personal meaning in which we can know Him in a deeper way.

There are many names in which we can know God, but in this opportunity we are going to show you the five (5) most commonly used names in everyday life; the names in which is necessary for us to call unto God for him to reveal in that specific area in our life.

This name refers to God’s incredible power and might. It means that He is the One and only God.

He is Supreme, the true God in a world that promotes many false gods and religions. He is the one we can completely trust.

He is the almighty creator of the universe. God knows it all; He creates all things and is everywhere.

In a constantly challenging and changing world, he can manifest in our live in a better way. What is impossible for us (human beings), it is possible for Him.

Bible references: (Genesis 1:1-3) (Mark 13:19.)


This name makes reference to the omnipresence of God. He can be everywhere at the same time, he can see what everybody is doing whether good or bad. And due to that ability he can make justice when needed.

 This name holds God’s character. He knows us and knows our problems. Nothing can be hidden from Him.

We can be sure that he will act in our life according to what he considers to make our lives better.

Bible references: (Genesis 16:11-14)


This name shows God’s love and care for us by providing for our needs. He is interested in giving us the things he knows are important for living. But although his desire is to prosper us in everything, in the first area he wants to reveal himself first is in our spiritual life (3 John 1:2).

He wants to gives us all the spiritual resources for us to have a pleasant life.  Once we understand that our focus must be first on God and his kingdom (justice, love, compassion, forgiveness etc.) Provision and prosperity in material things will be added (Matthew 6:33).

Bible references: (Genesis 22:13-14)   (Psalms 23:1)


God has provided in Jesus Christ healing for spiritual, physical, and emotional illness. “Healer”, this name brings so much comfort and hope to many of us who have prayed for healing and deliverance from disease, illness, brokenness, or painful circumstances.

It reminds us that God knows we are vulnerable. For this reason, He promises to redeem every broken place in our lives.

Bible references: (Exodus 15:25-27)(Psalms 103:3)


This name implies that God is the only One able to give us the peace beyond our own understanding.

Most people believe that having peace is being in a quiet and pleasant place in which everything is going good; In terms of a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict.

Both are acceptable concepts, however, the peace God offers to us is not only related to lack of conflict but to have a state of calm in the midst of any circumstance even conflict.

God’s peace comes from the confidence we have that He is the Almighty God, who has the power to solve any situation in our life. (Romans 8:28)

Bible references: (Numbers 6:26) (Hebrews 13:20)

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