The miracle That Took Place Right Before The Titanic Sank

Most people around the world know about the sinking of the Titanic. Numerous bestselling books and a blockbuster movie recount the story of that event.

But according to the testimony of those who survived, there is a short but powerful story that shows that in the midst of that tragedy, miracles took place.

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Many people haven’t heard about it, but it has to be told; and it is the incredible story of one heroic passenger who lost his life to save many souls through the preaching of the gospel.

On April 15, 1912, the Titanic left its port in Ireland. It set sail for arrival in New York City with 2,200 passengers but only 700 would reach their destination because the ship collided with an iceberg, changing the lives of many.

A day of miracles On The Titanic

Reverend John Harper, a citizen of Scotland, was one of the passengers. He was with his daughter and sister. When tragedy occured, he made sure they were safely aboard a lifeboat and started evangelizing to those left around  him.

Quickly, he and more than 1,500 passengers were plunged into the freezing ocean waters. But  that didn’t stop the Reverend of evangelizing in the midst of the dark night. He had a life vest, and also started swimming up to people to offer his help.

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According to the reverend’s church, Rev. Harper swam up to one man and asked if he was saved and the man said “no”; so, the reverend gave his own lifejacket to that man, saying, “Here then, you need this more than I do.”

The interesting thing is that when While people that evening were fighting and bribing their way onto the lifeboats, here was one man who just gave away his last shot at his own survival

The Last Words of reverend Harper After The Titanic Sank

The reverend went from person to person, offering his help, and preaching the góspel of Christ. When continuing  with his task, he saw again the man to whom he’d given his life vest. But this time, he led him to Christ.

After that, weakened and numbed by the cold water, he drew his last breath, saying, “Believe in the name of the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”

Four years later, at a Titanic survivor’s meeting, this young man stood up and in tears recounted how John Harper had led him to Christ. He was miraculously saved twice that night.

Of the 1,528 people that went into the water that night, only six were rescued by the lifeboats, and he was one of those passengers thanks to the heroic act of reverend Harper.

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