Strategies the enemy uses to threaten your Christian convictions

As Christians, our main focus is sharing the message of Christ which is full of love, holiness and integrity; Satan wants to avoid Christians live according to God’s perfect will; that’s why he schemes plans to try to distract Christians for they not to reach their goals as God’s children.

The enemy can use several distractors, here you are going to know some of them. However, you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern the rest of them during your everyday life.

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There are external distractors (that come from outside) and internal distractors (that come from us), and the enemy uses as trategies to keep people busy and enternained for them not to live a life that pleases God, properly.

1. The need for attention

This is a very common strategy used by enemy to threaten your Christian convictions. Why? Because he wants you to believe that everything needs to revolve around you (Philippians 2:21).

There is nothing bad in knowing your value, the rights you have, wanting attention from the ones you love, but when that feeling becomes a need, you must be careful because the enemy can use it to deviate you from the truth of the Bible with lies of lack of self-esteem, loneliness, or self-pity.

If things don’t go they way you want, or people don’t treat you the way you expect, don’t worry, God is still in control (Romans 8:28). Seek the Lord, He will give you what youy heart really needs.

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2. Cultural Christianity

This type of Christianity has do to with the way ‘people think’ Christianity is.  People give more revelance to what “others” think than what God thinks. It is a type of comfortable belief in a loving God that might occasionally step in to help people to be happy when they need it and if the person asks. It is beliving and following God’s commandments according to their own way for others “to see” they are good.

Satan uses this strategy for you to think you are living a good life and that you don’t need to change certain things about your personality. If Satan can’t distract you with others strategies, he will use this one. He will try you to live “a cultural Christianity” for you to please people instead of pleasing God (Galatians 1:10)…

It would be easier for the enemy to threaten your real faith because you still keep the “Christian” name, don’t you? (Romans 12:2)

3. Social Media

This is one of the most notorious distractions the enemy uses to threaten your Christian convictions, not only for the fact it takes most of your time during a day but also for the time of content it presents.

There is nothing wrong with social media as long as you use it wisely. In fact, it is a good tool that help us be connected to our beloved ones who are out of our reach. You can use to search information of revelance, to learn and develop new skills, to give help to others by giving them a word of hope, etc. The problem is when you let the things others present through social media submerge you in the wave of wrong ideas.

Nowadays there are a variety of things that can call our attention, or seem to be the new normal; but the fact they are funny, “normal”, or trend for others doesn’t mean they please God and match our beliefs (1 Corinthians 10:23). That’s why you have to be careful the way you use social media, the time you spend, and with the things you see, post and share there. You have to make sure that everything you post, from a comment to a meme, pleases God and mathes your convictions.

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