As paddle a canoe, God designed His people to row together with the same purpose. He has designed every church for a special purpose, and plans to the fulfillment of that purpose with joy.

For This may happen, God has given us each a unique gift. The combination of our gifts working together should give such joy that the whole world stand up and notice.

God has given us a gift, a calling. And, as the rowers in a canoe, each of us has a vital role to serve or a unique place to perform. In each oar is our footprint, our own individual circuit, designed by God Himself.

He places each one of us in a community, more specifically, in a local church, with a divine purpose.

He fits us alongside others with a similar mission and calls us family, team, church. No person is called to accomplish its mission alone; God did not design it that way. He created us to do the work of the church as a team!

A full symphony under the direction of a master driver always sounds infinitely better than a one man band. As we discover and develop our spiritual gifts and learn to paddle in rhythm as a team, we will be amazed how much farther and faster go-and with fewer injuries!

Taken from the book “The church as a team” by Wayne Cordeiro

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