Are you a pearl or just a grain of sand?

Are you a pearl, or just a grain of sand?

How beautiful are pearls, aren’t they? But many people don’t know that pearls are the product of pain.

Every pearl is the product of an oyster that has been wounded by a grain of sand. An oyster that hasn’t been wounded by a grain of sand cannot produce any pearl.

Inside the oyster there is a substance called “Nacre” When a grain of sand pierces the shell of the oyster, the oyster covers it with layers of nacre in order to protect itself As a result, a beautiful and dazzling pearl is formed.

Have you ever felt wounded by other people’s words or attitudes?

Have you ever been accused of something you never said?

Have anyone ever rejected or ridiculed your ideas?

Have you ever been incriminated in something you never did?

Have you been hurt by people you least expected?

Do you feel you’re not being appreciated as you deserve?

Then, you must forgive and make of your wound a great pearl.

Covering your wound with layers of love. Remember, the more your wounds are covered, the less pain you’ll feel. Otherwise, if you don’t cover your wound with love, that wound will remain open and it’ll hurt you every single day, it will get infected with resentment, bitterness and even worst, it won’t ever heal.

In our society we can see many “empty oysters” Not because they’ve been wounded but because they didn’t know how to forgive, understand and transform the pain into a precious pearl Have

“A pearl is… a wound covered by love” Colossians 3:13


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