Objects that give demons legal ground in your house and you didn’t know

Objects that give demons legal ground in your house

The spiritual world is more real than you think. Maybe you may have been observing strange things around you and you do not know why. Well, there may be a possibility that you have a hidden object in your house. Yes, hidden objects. Believe it or not, the devil can also use objects to get into your house. Former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz explains this in a video.

 He affirms that you can empower demons in your house only by having some objects. These objects can be books, ornaments, images, games or even television shows.

«These objects and books and tools carry a spiritual frequency that coincides with the illusion that the powers are trying to create a spiritual realm. By clinging to these things, we are creating a bridge between these supernatural realities, what the Bible calls to the heavenly places that are governed by the demonic principalities in our life, our home, our soul, »says Bancarz in a new video.

They may seem inherently harmless, but Bancarz warns that these objects can cause chaos in a person´s life and house.

Examples of books that include themes about Hindu, esoteric, Gnosticism, books of transcendentalism, witchcraft, magic, mysticism, yoga or any books that advocate reincarnation, among others.

Bancarz also talks about dumping fiction books that also have these elements, such as the Harry Potter series.

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