Mothers: Four qualities that make them unique

Among the human values, the most exalted are those which define a mother’s profile.

The most sublime feature of nature belongs to the mother: She is a bearer of life, only she has that privilege. That’s why besides the capacity of conceiving, she has received a package of virtues, values and skills which support, help and strengthen her to perform  her laudable function.

Mothers: Four qualities that make them unique

Although it isn’t easy to sum up in four points  the values that make the mothers unique and irreplaceable, we will highlight the following:

Comprehension: her words calm us down, her care heal us, and her kisses comfort us. Nobody knows her children better than a mother; she has the capacity to understand the different situations that can influence her mood and behavior. The high level of perception of a mother developed because of her strong bond with her children. It makes her the quintessential bearer of the comprehension value.

Responsibility: A mother looks after the wellness of her children and home whatever it costs; she assumes her role with integrity, fulfills  her duties and recognizes the big responsibility that He(God) has assigned  to her: the upbringing of human beings, and make them wonderful creatures.

Patience: patience to face many situations; patience to face daily things present in the familiar nucleus; patience to provide her children lessons to make them good and courageous people. She will perform this job without for years. The mother’s patience is sublime!

Love: Her love for her children is unique and particular, perpetual, transparent, devoid of selfishness and personal ambition. For this kind of love, she’s able to challenge her own capacities and carries out amazing acts to protect or benefit her children.

Love is the beginning and the purpose of the human values; it’s the one from which the others start. When we see the root of each one of the previous characteristics, the center where all they meet is love; because love is a gift not a sacrifice. Instead of bitterness it’s forgiveness. It doesn’t mean selfishness but tolerance. Love is …MOTHER.

Proverbs 1:8 ‘Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching’.

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