Meaningful Relationships

A reporter from USA Today, referred in one of his reports to the words of a young woman who spoke of her father, who was a baseball superstar: ‘I don’t know why he never spends time with us. All we want from him is to spend time with us. He’s never loved us.’

When the athlete was told what his daughter had said about him, he replied: ‘I do not know what she’s complaining about. Only last week ago I bought her a luxury car.’

Obviously, he did not realize that an affective relationship with his family has much more value than anything else money can buy. This is true in all aspects of our lives. We need people, much more than we need our possessions.

The apostle Paul emphasized the value of relationships as he concluded his letter to the believers in Rome (Romans 16: 1-16). After teaching them the profound truths about the Gospel, he sent his personal greetings to more than 25 people and the people associated with them. His co-workers met with him in sending greetings. Obviously the friendship of the saints was for Paul very treasured and significant.

Affective relationships enrich our individual lives. They encourage us in our Christian faith. They turn a house into a home. They revitalize our churches.

1. Take the time to develop meaningful relationships and you will be greatly blessed.

2. We do not find friends, we make them.

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