Love your wife everyday like the first day

Love teaches us to value the people we love, God has given us the gift of marriage and has blessed our lives with the man or woman we love; Certainly there are difficult times in this journey but we must remember to love and honor as the first time.

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. (Proverbs 18:22)

Here there are some principles to honor our wife eternally…

Talk to her

And not just talk to her. Share your life with her, your hopes and dreams. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her, tell her often. Take time every day to dedicate it to her without interruptions or distractions.

Keep the best of you for her

Daily routine exhausts us, we get tired of work and besides that our children wait to play or to spend time with us; However it is important that you book the best time for her, when you arrive from work and in the morning before leaving.

May your gaze be just for her

The man is very visual and nowadays it is easy to go down the street and watch how the delicacy and modesty of the woman has been lost, and any man it is tempting to divert his gaze to other women… don’t do it! Fix your eyes alone in your wife, let yourself be attracted by her beauty, when you are away from home keep her in your thoughts looking forward to just seeing her and admiring her as the first time you met her.

Be the same everywhere

Be the same wether if you are or not with her, especially when you’re talking to another woman. I mean, would you tell her the same compliments if your wife were there?  Would you talk about the same issues if your wife were there? Be the same everywhere and at all times, especially when your wife is not with you.

Be her unconditional support

Selfishness is slippery and especially when we want to be the center of attention. Leave your interests for a moment and find out what her hopes and dreams are. You must be her main support staff. You must support her in everything and be a great counselor so that you can guide her to wait and trust in God’s will

Give the best references about her and exalt her virtues

Do this anyway when she is present or not. In front of third parties is the best you can do. For example, when you’re talking to someone and your wife is at your side and you say ‘Did you know that my wife is a wonderful writer…?’ Above all things, be sure to do it in all sincerity and to speak well of her when she is not present, especially when you are talking to another woman.

Discussions should be given in a fair way

Discussions and disagreements are going to happen. That’s when you’re going to be tempted to say something extremely damaging. Don’t do it! Be fair and, even more, be kind. Don’t bring out things you know are harmful to her and don’t use manipulation to win an argument. Don’t be proud enough not to accept your mistakes and failures.

Give her full access to your life

And finally do not hide anything from her, trust is paramount and must be absolute to your wife; All your things now concern her too. There is nothing better than being transparent with nothing to hide; And without waiting for her to ask you to give her access to everything.

‘That each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable’ 1 Thessalonians 4:4

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