Let your creativity change people´s world

It was a beautiful afternoon, with plenty of sunshine; and there was a blind man sitting in a park, begging for money, with a cap at his feet and a written sign. The sign said: Please help me, I’m blind!

A creative young publicist, who was passing by, stopped and watched a few coins in the hat of the blind man. Without permission, He took the sign, turned it to the other side and with his pen wrote another statement. He put the piece of cardboard near the feet of the blind man again and left.

In the afternoon, the creative young man passed near the blind beggar once more. This time the hat was full of bills and coins. The blind recognized the man´s footsteps and asked him, “What did you do to my sign?”

I wrote the same you had written but in other words, the publicist answered. He smiled and continued on his way. The blind man never knew but his new sign said: Today is a beautiful day and… I cannot see it!


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