The importance of being kind! This could save your life.

John used to work in a meat distributor plant. One day, when he finished his work schedule, he went to one of the freezers to inspect something; at that moment the door closed and its lock went down and he was trapped inside.

Although he hit the door strongly and shouted, nobody could hear him.

Most of the workers had already gone to their houses, and it was impossible to hear what was happening inside the freezer

Five hours later, and when he was on the verge of death, somebody opened the door. It was the guard who entered and rescued him.

John asked his savior how it came to his mind to open the door if it wasn’t part of his work routine. He explained: I have been working in this company for 35 five years; hundreds of workers enter the plant every day, but you are the only one who greets me every morning and says goodbye to me in the afternoons. The rest of them treat me as if I were invisible.

Today, as every day you told me your simple “Hi” at the entrance, but I never heard you saying “See you tomorrow”.

I expect for that “Hi” and that “See you tomorrow” every day. For you I’m somebody, and that gets me up each day. When I didn’t hear your farewell, I knew that something had happened to you…I looked for you and I found you!!

Reflection: Be humbled and love your neighbor; all of us are important… Everybody is important: from your boss to the one who serves you the coffee in the morning!!!  Beautiful reflection!!!

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