If I had… I Would Be Happy

It is said that once there was a man walking along the beach on a full moon night thinking:

“If I had a new car, I would be happy”
“If I had a big house, I would be happy”
“If I had an excellent job, I would be happy”
“If I were a perfect match, I would be happy”

At that time, he tripped over a bag full of stones and began throwing them one by one into the sea every time he said: “I would be happy if I had …”

He did it until he had only a stone in the bag, which he saved. When he got home he realized that this stone was a very valuable diamond. Can you imagine how many diamonds plunged into the sea without stopping and appreciate?

How many of us throw our precious treasures believing we would be happy if we had what we don´t , without giving value to what we have around us?

Look around and you will realize how lucky you are because you are surrounded by very important people, amazing places and special moments , and you have not given the chance to appreciate it.

Each of our days is a precious, valuable and irreplaceable diamond.

It is up to you to use it or throw it to the sea of forgetfulness and never getting it back again.

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