Ways God Uses To Speaking to You

It is very important for a person to recognize when God is speaking. Nowadays, Christians need to develop more than ever spiritual ears to listen to his heavenly Father.

Sometimes, you can get confused when something comes to your mind or when you receive signs, but here are some clues that help you know when God is the one who is  speaking to you.

Beyond a method, this is a calling to intimacy with your creator; this is a calling for holiness. (1 Peter 1:15)

God, as your creator, knows humans have many ways receiving information. Taking that into account, he uses many ways to communicate to his Children.

1. The Bible

The most secure way you know God is speaking to you is through his word. The Bible is the best resource God uses to communicate to his children. In the Bible, you can find the will of God for your life. Everything that is in that book is God’s thoughts for humanity (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

The more you read the Bible, the more secure you will be about God’s will. You will have inside of you what God wants you to do. When you exercise in knowing his will through his word, it would be easier for you to recognize when God is speaking.


2. Dreams/Visions

Yes, dreams and visions! This also a way God uses to communicate to people. Throughout the Bible, you can see how he uses them to send a message. The thing is that you must ask him to reveal to you what exactly he wants you to know. You need to ask for his wisdom in order to understand his message clearly.

In the Old Testament, you can see how God used dreams to talk to people. Joseph, the dreamer is the best example. God not only talked to Joseph through dreams, he also gave him wisdom to interpret dreams. (Genesis 37: 5-10 / 40: 1-23 / 41:1-36)

When reading these stories, you can see how God used dreams to show something, whether to people or the nation.

In the New Testament, you can also see how God still used this resource to talk. (Acts 9:10-12) / 18:9-10)

Nowadays, he still does. Some dreams or vision can be a warning for you or for other people you know. Some others God use them for you to intercede and break chains of opposition. Others, can be a good thing to come in near close or near future, others can be just the answer to your prayers or some else’s.

Whatever your dreams are, ask God to give you wisdom for you to interpret the message.

3. People

God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As he did in old times, he does today. He still uses people to give messages. In the Bible, you can see God using people to send messages to people: Moses, Jeremiah, Daniel, Samuel, among others. God chose these men to say what he wanted them to say.

He can still send people to give you the message you need. It may be an answer or a warning, but whatever it might be, don’t understimate people’s words.

The only thing you have to take  into account is that the word you recive gives you peace and matches God´s word.

If the case if that you need an advice, you can go to God’s man or woman, the ones who give a good testimony. They are the ones who can give you a word of wisdom. God gave them specific gifts for them to build the church up (Exodus 18:13)


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