How to have a happy life

Everybody wants to find happiness. Thousand people around the world spend a lot of time/money on what they consider is going to make them happy.

Some say “When I have a car, I will be happy”, When I become a millionarie, I will be happy”, other would say “When I become a profresional, I will be happy”; and there are others that say “When I get married, I will be happy”.

Thinking about having all these things is not bad. In fact, the Bible says the God wants us to be prosperous en every area. The wrong part is allowing your thougths/desires/ the power to determine who you are and the way you feel.

Happines is not negotiable, it is a gift GOD GAVE YOU. If you condition your happines to something, you can be sure that when you get what you thought would make you “happy”, that state of feeling will only lasts a while, then, you will be looking for another thing to feel happy again, and so on.

Money, people, things, are not going to give you what you need to be happy. There are  many cases of people with a lot of money, many “friends”, Access o all what they want, but they do not feel happy.

The key point here is receiving the happiness God gives you and keep it every single day. How? But doing the following:


This is key to live a happy life. When you come to Jesus and repent from your sins, you will exeperience a new beggining. If you keep continue living with the burden of sins (sinful nature) you wont be able to get rid of its consequences, anxiousness, sadness, angriness.

Repentance does not only apply for those who still do not believe in Jesus, it also applies to those who are reborn in the spirit. The fact you are a believer does not mean you are no going to make mistakes, it means, that God is working in you every day to make you perfect.Therefore, while you are on that way, there woud be moments in which you have to regognize you made a mistake and you need to repent.


If you decided to be grateful, instead of being a complainer, happiness will come. If you are among those who need “something” to be happy “What would happend if do never get it?” This attitude implies that you are not valuing what is around you but giving importance to what you “don’t  have” yet.

Start giving thanks to the Lord for all He has given you, and thank other for being part of your life.

Take into acount everything: Thank God for the air, your nose, your hair, your family,.etc.

Stop comparing youself t others:

God made you unique! There are not two Yous. Focus on the abilities God gave you to fulfill your purpose on this earth. If you compare, you will waist the beautiful hours of the day.God Gave every people diferent gifts, if you want to do what other do, you are ignoring they have abilities different from yours and if you take their place, probably, you won’t do as good as them or as you thought you would do it.

Ask the LORD to show clearly your abilities, besides, you can also ask a family member of a friend about the things you have that makes you different from others. That is key to know you purpose and start working on it, that will make you live a happy life. You will be focus on God, you, and people who are waiting for you to help them with the strengths /abilities you have.

Rest in the Lord:

If there are things you cannot control, why do you get anxious about it? Leave them to the Lord and rest in his promises. He always have the best way to solve things. His way is perfect and good.

Your time on earth is for a period of time, learn to live it the right way (God’s way) and you will know the real meaning of happiness.

God bless you!

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