George Müller, the missionary with more than 50,000 prayers answered by God “God has never failed me!”

George Müller was born in Prussia on 25th September 1805. He grew up in a family with Christian principles although he never had a Bible to read during that period of his life.

When he was 10 yearS old, he was sent to schooL for him to prepare as a minister. However, for not having a clear knowledge about it, he thought he would just get a good career and life.

However, it was not exactly the way he thought it would be. Because at the age of 17, he got involved in illegal activities which lead him to prison.

His father wanted Muller to be a clergyman and make a good living, in order to be able to support him when he became old.

Many things happened in Muller´s life but in 1825, when 19 years old, he left school and entered Halle University. He got there as a student of Divinity.

The University had 1,260 students, including some 900 divinity students preparing themselves for the Lutheran Church ministries. Here he decided he must reform if a parish was to ever choose him as pastor. He renewed an acquaintance in a tavern with a fellow student named Beta, who was a backslidden Christian.

Beta began to attend a Saturday night Christian meeting in a home. Mueller, hearing about this, became sincerely interested, and pressed his friend into taking him to the meeting. When they got there, George saw something he had never seen before, people on their knees praying, reading the Bible, singing hymns.

That Saturday night in mid-November, 1825, at age 20 the unstable pagan found the power to overcome his moral weaknesses and a new life began.

Passion for orphans

The best-known ministry of George Müller had to do with orphanages. It began in 1834 in his own home with a kind of shelter for thirty girls. The work continued to grow, to the point that it was necessary to build a different building, completed in 1849, with a capacity for 300 children. Twenty-one years later, about 2,000 children were housed in about five such homes.

The greatest of all Muller ventures was the construction and maintenance of the orphanages in Bristol. He started the company with only two 50 cents in his pocket; but in response to prayer and without making their needs known to human beings, he received what he needed from God. Everything was in supernatural ways to build buildings and feed orphans day by day for sixty years.

During that period of time, the children did not spend a day without food. Mr. Muller said that if that happened, he would take it as evidence of the Lord did not want the work to continue.

Müller’s work proved God’s providence at all times. Sometimes they received anonymous donations of food just a few hours before their meal.

In those homes, the children received a good education, food, and clothing. They also received Bibles which they could take them when they left home.

It has been estimated that God answered him more than 50,000 prayers, according to his diary, in which he wrote:

«God has never failed me! For almost 70 years every need in connection with this work has been met, answered. All because I believe in prayer.




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