Fight like an eagle!

Fight like an eagle!

We find passages where God makes many comparisons of our walk as Christians in the Bible; one of them is with an eagle; God knows the special instinct of this bird and the powerful qualities it has.

Even biologists discovered amazing characteristics of the eagle in terms of its survival on earth. That is why God makes comparison with respect to the Christian life, to teach us a great example.

An eagle is an intelligent bird and its strategies make it unique. It won´t waste time, it won´t fight its prey in its territory, on earth. For example, if the eagle´s prey is a snake, the eagle catches it, lifts it up and then drops it. A snake has no endurance, power or balance in the air. In the air, a snake is vulnerable, useless and weak.

Some time Christians try to fight the enemy in his territory, ignoring they must bring him to theirs to win the battle. Don’t fall into the trap of leveling down. Soar to the heights on the wings of the Holy Spirit and let God fight your battles.

Do what eagles do, develop a strategy, fight the battle in the heights, put on the armor of God. When fighting, the weapons that you have to use are spiritual, they will assure your victory! (2 Corinthians 10: 4)



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