Do you still feel death after accepting Christ?

The most glorious moment for any believer is the first time that gets into a relationship with Jesus Christ and proclaims him as his/her savior.

Do you still feel death after accepting Christ?

Most of the new Christians misunderstand the new birth in God’s Kingdom like an experience in what we see a white blinder light or something like that. However, this experience of being born again means that we are brought from spiritual death to a new life that comes from within.

But the question is: why do we still feel death after getting closer to Christ? Why do we still keep all patters of sin?

Many people may think once a person receives Jesus, transformation of habits, character or feelings comes instantly. However, although you are already justified by the blood of Jesus and your past sins were fovigen, you are going to start a transformation process called “sanctification” that comes from the inside out. It is on that time where the person must let the Holy Spirit take the complete control of his/her life and being obedient to the word of God for the complete changed come to pass.

There are two natures within you, the sinner one and the spiritual one, but you must decide which one of them is the one that is going to guide your life.

If you have received Jesus in your heart what comes next is to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer and Bible reading. The more connection you have with God the easier will be for you to kill the desires of the flesh (the sinner nature).

The key for you to stop feeling death after receiving Christ is to connect with the giver of live, Jesus, through a personal relationship for him to renew all the areas he considers need to be change. You need to surrender to him. The more time you spend with Jesus, the more you walk by the spirit, and the more time you spend with Jesus, the more free of sin and pain you will be.



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